Our Team includes folks with diverse and highly complementary backgrounds, but who all share some common traits.  We all believe in the power of group imagination and the innovation that it can drive in Exit Planning.  We are driven to help Advisors help their clients.  If they prosper, we prosper.


Meet the ExitSmarts
Leadership Team

Dan Paxton is the founder of ExitSmarts and the current CEO. He has both AExP and CEPA certifications and is a former EOS Implementer. Dan lives in Charleston, SC.

“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
-George Bernard Shaw

Gil Bean joined Dan Paxton shortly after the founding of ExitSmarts and is currently responsible for the company’s marketing operations.  He has a CEPA designation and is a former EOS Implementer.  Gil lives in Galloway Township, New Jersey.

“The greatest scientists are artists as well”
-Albert Einstein

Scott Jenkins is currently responsible for the company’s sales operations.  He is a former business owner and has extensive experience in sales, operations, and the banking sector.  Scott lives in Charleston, SC.

“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”
-Paulo Coelho

John Rizzo is currently responsible for the company’s IT operations. He is a former company founder and has extensive experience in tech, product management and sales.  John lives in Charleston, SC.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”
-Winston Churchill

What Our Clients Say

ExitSmarts have been nothing but exceptional to work with.  I consider them a true partner in our endeavor to build and manage our Business Transition Services (BTS) consulting practice.  Their ability to help us build processes and deliverables, pull together insights and ideas for marketing and wrap our arms on how we manage and build for the future is just what we needed to put a BTS practice together and get it off the ground.  I continue to look forward to their efforts in helping us manage future growth of our BTS practice through their innovations and partnership.

Partner at a Top 40 Accounting Firm

We were put in touch with ExitSmarts when we wanted to take our company to the next level. We were lost. We've worked together for nearly 4 years and are, flat out, a different company now thanks in large part to what ExitSmarts has brought to the table. In one of our planning sessions, ExitSmarts facilitated a discussion about selling the business at some future date. Now, about two years after that discussion we are about to sell the business for 10-15 Million more than we had hoped.

Distribution Company, Haggar Brothers

ExitSmarts' proven process supported me to carefully think through my small business exit plan, and I am so grateful for how they walked me through it at the right pace. By the time we completed together, it was clear to me that what I thought I wanted in the beginning - a full sale of the business - was not the direction I needed to head in. Instead, I realized that I simply needed to prepare the business and myself for a dramatic reduction in my workload. (Whoo Hoo! Good catch!) The whole process gave me a more well-rounded perspective about what I truly care about and want out of life.“

Training Company, CEO

As an executive leadership coach focused on business development, ExitSmarts has been a key partner for my clients to enhance gross revenue, valuation and business productivity.  I’ve seen company growth and health increase simultaneously with amazing results.  One client has seen an average of 19% revenue growth year over year for 4 years in a row since implementing their exit strategy.  Most importantly I see my clients less stressed and their companies running smoother when we team up with ExitSmarts.

Executive Coach, Senior Partner

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