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ExitSmarts® Transforms the Exit Planning  process for Advisors and their
Business Owner Clients.

Every Business Owner should prosper from the transition out of his or her business.
Unfortunately, every owner will not. Our clear focus is the Business Owner’s prosperity.

ExitSmarts is a Proud Partner of the Exit Planning Institute’s

2023 Exit Planning Summit May 21-23; meet us in the Exhibit Hall
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Services Directly to Business Owners

We provide Transition Planning services directly to Business Owners through our Business Transition System.

Services Through Our Community of Advisors

Our Business Transition Coaches use our system to deliver Transition Planning Services to their Business Owner clients.

Services for the $20 Million and under Market

We serve the $20 million and under market, but we believe that the style and condition of the business are more important than revenue boundaries.

How do we help the Business Owner?

  • With a Complete Solution to the Owner’s Unique Needs

We work with the Business Owner throughout the entire process, providing personalized planning and implementation.

  • By Creating Owner Options

We help the Business Owner develop the option to continue in the business or transition out of it at any point in the process – in his or her own time and on his or her own terms. 

Financial Advisor
Business Graphs

How do we help the Advisor?

  • With a Complete System that Provides the How

Advisors know what their clients need in order to transition, but they don’t have the system that shows them how to do it.  We provide the how.


  • By increasing the value they provide to their clients

The Advisors we work with all share an uncompromised desire to provide value to their Business Owner clients.  We help them do exactly that.

Image by Olivia Hutcherson

Two Things Set ExitSmarts Apart

FIRST, we recognize that team is the most important word in Transition Planning Team.  When expertise in multiple disciplines is required, it’s not always a given that experts will be team players.  We solve that problem by making the Business Transition Coach the team leader, right from the outset.

SECOND, we place unapologetic emphasis on the importance of doing the right things to increase the value of the owner’s business.  We respect that a valuation may set the value of a business at x, or the owner may believe the business is worth y, but we do not let either distract us from identifying and focusing on improving those areas of the business that will put more wealth in the owner’s pocket.

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