ExitSmarts™ turns Exit Planning into Exit Options

for the Main Street Business Owner

We believe passionately that every owner should prosper from the sale of the business he or she has worked so hard to build, and that prosperity is best realized through the focused leadership of the Exit Planning team and a conscious decision to consistently build the value of the business.

Why ExitSmarts

ExitSmarts was created to address three critical needs in the Exit Planning market:

  • It’s for Main Street Businesses – companies that are smaller than mid-market and larger firms, and for whom the Exit Planning services that larger companies require are neither reasonable nor appropriate

  • It’s delivered through the business owner’s Accounting Firm, which the owner always counts as a trusted advisor and often considers his or her Most Trusted Advisor

  • It’s based on a business model that helps the owner build value in his business so it’s worth more at the time of sale and generates greater profit while getting there.

Building Value is key.  Not only can it result in a sale price that is more than the owner thinks the business is worth, or more than a valuation says it’s worth, it gives the owner regular opportunities to say, “Yes, it’s time to exit,” or “No, I think I’ll stay with this a little longer.”  And if the opportunity to sell presents itself at any point along the way, the owner is fully prepared to respond.  At ExitSmarts, we refer to this as having Exit Options.   


Our Philosophy 

We have built this business on the belief that the business owner’s accountant, as the owner’s Most Trusted Advisor, should lead the Exit Planning team.  The accountant is, of course, already responsible for issues pertaining to tax planning, and we believe that it also makes sense to have the accountant coordinate the activity of other advisors, as required – advisors with expertise in law, insurance, estate planning, wealth management, and other disciplines.  And we go a step beyond by having the accountant coordinate the involvement of ExitSmarts Value Advisors who are focused on increasing both the value of the business at sale, as well as its profitability.

We developed and tested ExitSmarts in cooperation with Porte Brown, an Accounting Firm in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village, Illinois. 

Two Things Set ExitSmarts Apart

FIRST, we recognize that team is the most important word in Exit Planning Team.  When expertise in multiple disciplines is required, it’s not always a given that experts will be team players.  We solve that problem by making the accountant the team leader, right from the outset.

SECOND, we place unapologetic emphasis on the importance of doing the right things to increase the value of the owner’s business.  We respect that a valuation may set the value of a business at x, or the owner may believe the business is worth y, but we do not let either distract us from identifying and focusing on improving those areas of the business that will put more wealth in the owner’s pocket.  

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