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The ExitSmarts Business Transition System® fills the most critical void in the transition process. It goes beyond plan development, through plan execution, all the way to the Business Owner’s envisioned outcome. In other words, it’s a complete system for Business Transition. 

What is the Business Transition System (BTS)?

The BTS is a step-by-step turnkey solution for Transition Planning Advisors to use in working with
Business Owner Clients. Advisors can choose where they fit and/or want to fit within the system, and
ExitSmarts will provide the rest.

Three Primary Components

Business Transition Coach (BTC)

The BTC is the Quarterback of the entire BTS process, leading the Business
Owner through each step and earning Most Trusted Advisor status in the process.

The BTS is a step-by-step turnkey solution that includes the Business Transition Coach,
Transition Plan Development, and Transition Plan Implementation

Plan Development

Transition Plan Development is about creating a plan for the Business Owner to get
from where they are to where they want to be. It is a structured 10-step process that
ends with the creation of a written Transition Plan for the Business Owner.


Driven by the Transition Plan, it includes: Tangible Asset growth (finances), Technical considerations (legal, tax, deal structure), and Value Acceleration focused on increasing the Intangible Assets of the business (Human, Customer, Structural, and Social).

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What does the BTS mean to the Business Owner?

  • A Plan that Can Actually be Implemented

It fills the void in Business Transition by addressing both the development and implementation of the plan.  The BTS can be used in total or in part, and activity is always prioritized based on value to the Business Owner.

  • Transition Options

Following plan Implementation, both the value and profitability of the business continue to increase, giving the Business Owner the flexibility to transition in his or her own time and on his or her own terms.

Image by Carlos Muza
Image by Markus Winkler

What does the BTS mean to the BTC?

  • Filling the Void Provides the How

The BTC knows what needs to be done to affect a successful transition.  The Business Transition System fills the void by providing the step-by-step process to do it.

  • Flexibility Equals Value for the BTC and the Client

Because the Business Transition System is comprised of components, the BTC can focus on his or her specialty while ensuring that the owner’s highest priority requirements are addressed.  The result is value for both.

  • Sustained Value

The Advisor positions the Business Owner to realize long-term sale value while enjoying higher profitability in the interim. That is sustained value creation.

  How to find out more about the ExitSmarts Business Transition System  

If you would like to take a deeper dive into the Business Transition System contact us at

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