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Very few Business Owners know what they need to do to transition out of their business. Even fewer know how to do it. We provide both the what and the how.

How does ExitSmarts help the Business Owner?

By Providing a Complete Solution

We help you create your transition plan, but creating a transition plan in not enough. You have to be able to implement the plan you created. We also provide the critical leap forward into Transition Plan Implementation.

With Advisors with Whom the Business Owner
is Comfortable

ExitSmarts can do everything for you, but we can also train your Business Transition Coaches to use all or part of our system to meet your specific requirements.  Your transition is important; you should do it with Advisors you trust.

By Providing Transition Options through Value Acceleration

You want to transition in your own time and on your own terms, which we refer to as having Transition Options.  We help you create options by building the value of your business.

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Why is Building Business Value Important?

  • Because It’s Important to You

Unless you are independently wealthy, you likely need greater business value to achieve your personal objectives. Whatever your objectives, greater value gets you there, and gives you more options along the way.

  • Transition Options

Higher business value creates Transition Options through smoother operations, greater efficiency, higher profitability, reduced time in the office, and transition out at a higher price.  Like fixing up your home before putting it on the market, you may decide you like it so much that you want to stay.

  • Accelerated Value Building

Value creation is one thing; accelerated value creation is something else altogether.  We focus on the most important aspects of your business, beginning with what requires immediate attention and adding in those improvements that yield the quickest value.

  • Real Numbers

You need real numbers to do real financial planning. We help you get real numbers based on a true Indication of Value so that your planning is grounded, and not just guesswork.

What is the Business Transition System?

  • Transition Plan Development, Transition Plan Implementation

BTS includes two major components – the first assists you with the development of your plan, the second assists you with the implementation of that plan.

  • Transition Plan Development

Plan Development includes a series of processes that combine the Business Owner’s personal, financial, and business objectives.  It provides a comprehensive analysis of how the dollars need to come together, as well as identification and prioritization of both the current state of the business and potential areas of improvement.  It concludes with a fully implementable written report.  The result is an extremely valuable roadmap to your transition success.

  • Transition Plan Implementation

In Plan Implementation we work with your team in a personalized manner to identify and implement the steps that help you reach your transition objectives.  We help you get to the gold by providing the tools and processes required to simplify work that may otherwise seem overwhelming.

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Taking the Next Step – What to Do First

Go to the Readiness Assessment Page on this Website or click here

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How to find out more about the ExitSmarts BTS.

Go to the Business Transition System Page on this website or contact

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