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The professional Advisor is constantly attempting  to balance the value they provide for their clients with the amount of time they have to provide it.
ExitSmarts helps the Advisor strike that balance.

What is an ExitSmarts Business Transition Coach?

A Professional Advisor from a Key Discipline

Wealth Managers                   Financial Planners

Exit Planners                           Business Coaches

Business Brokers                    Business Consultants

Insurance Brokers                  Accountants

Attorneys                                 Bankers

Different Roles but a Common Objective

Advisor’s Niche Versus the Big Picture

Time Versus Value and Influence

Our BTCs provide unique value through their specific services, but they all share the common objective of helping the Business Owner reach and maintain highest business value while retaining the flexibility to transition when he or she chooses to do so. 

A BTC knows how to bring his specific expertise to bear to help the Business Owner in transition, but he may not be able, or even willing, to provide everything the owner needs.

The BTC may just not have the time to provide the total value he wants to create for the Business Owner. Maintaining his level of influence with the owner is important, but time is a constant consideration.  

How does ExitSmarts help the Business Transition Coach Serve
His Business Owner Client?

  • By Providing a Complete System for Transition Planning

The ExitSmarts Business Transition System lays out the entire transition landscape, so the BTC knows not only what needs to be done, but exactly how to do it.

  • By Providing Complete Flexibility

The BTC decides which parts of the transition process he can provide, based on legal or industry standards; which parts he or she wants to provide, based on his or her desire to maintain connection with the client; and which parts he or she realistically has time to provide.

  • By Complementing the BTC’s Strategy

Other members of the ExitSmarts Advisor Community are available on a referral basis to provide whatever parts of the transition process an individual BTC does not want to do or is not qualified to do.


  • Through Certification and an Engaged Community

Business Transition Coaches are certified in the use of the Business Transition System, based on the level of service they intend to provide, and supported by the resources of the entire ExitSmarts Advisor Community.

Business Meeting

  How to find out more about the ExitSmarts BTS  

Go to the Business Transition System Page on this website or contact

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